Opening an Account

Do I have to open an account?

Yes. If you are a California Law Firm you have two options, either an Open Credit Account or a Credit Card Account. If you are an individual or an out of state law firm, you only have one option, a Credit Card Account.

Is my account active at all Cal West Attorney Service, Inc. offices?

Yes. All Cal West offices will honor your account once it has been opened.

How long does it take to process my application?

Once your application is received by us, it usually takes about 30 minutes to process your application. Once your application is processed you will receive an email and you can start submitting orders.

Is there a fee for opening an account?

No, we do not charge a fee for opening an account.

Is there a monthly fee for service?

Yes, we charge a court fee for monthly court services for retainer clients only.

General Questions

I have a new service and need a work order how do I get one?

There are 2 ways:

Register for online services and fill out an order online.

Or call us at 213-353-9100 ask for customer service.

I have a new service to file or serve. How do I get it to Cal West Attorney Service, Inc.?

You can go to calwest.info, login and submit your work or Fax the filing or service to Cal West Attorney Service at 213-353-9200. Overnight your filing or service for a next day filing.

I filled out a work order and no longer need it, how can I cancel it?

You can cancel a work order by contacting Cal West Attorney Services, Inc. contact@calwest.info or call 213-353-9100.

I forgot my password or user name, how can I get it?

You can call Cal West Attorney Service, Inc. customer service at 213-353-9100 to obtain your user name or password or You can go online and click forgot password under sign in.

Can I email a filing or a service of process?

Yes, however your document and the Cal West work order must be scanned to one file and email to contact@calwest.info.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of California and All other states.

Do I need a work order for each assignment?

Yes, we require a work order for each assignment. However you may use one work order for more than one document. If you have papers to serve you must have a separate work order for each party being served.

What is the difference between Do Today and Routine services?

Do Today is received by our deadline and completed by the end of the day. Routine is received by our deadline and will be attempted within 48 hours.

Court Questions

Will all California Courts accept fax filings?

Yes. All California Courts accept fax filings as long as they conform to their court rules, with the exception of court appeals and criminal court filings.

Will all Federal Courts accept fax filings?

Most Federal California Courts accept fax filings as long as they conform to their court rules, except where courts require attorney direct e-filing.

Does the court require the originals?

No. According to California Rules of Court #2007(d) Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, including sections 255 and 260 of the Evidence Code, a signature produced by facsimile transmission is an original.

What about exhibit tabs?

Cal West Attorney Service, Inc. will attach tabs where needed.

Some counties have certain forms on color paper. What do you do?

Cal West Attorney Service, Inc. will insert any items required by a specific court.

How will I get confirmation that my documents were filed?

Cal West Attorney Service, Inc. will call, email, or fax your conformed copy back to you depending on the court location.

How do you handle court filing fees?

Cal West Attorney Service, Inc. will advance any fees for customers in good standing. In cases of extremely large advances (over 100.00) Cal West may request immediate reimbursement from a firm credit card.

Does Cal West Attorney Service, Inc. offer any guarantees?

Yes. Cal West Attorney Service, Inc. guarantees an attempt to file your documents by the court deadline, if received by Cal West Attorney Service, Inc.’s deadline or the next filing is free. Note: All pages must be received completely and ready to be filed by Cal West Attorney Service, Inc.’s deadline. The court clerk makes the final decision on whether or not your document is filed

What do you do with the original summons once the court issues it?

As of January 1, 2007, California Superior Courts do not return summons.

Process Questions

Are you able to serve a faxed document?

Yes, we can serve any documents faxed for service of process. However, some courts require the original document(s).

Do you file a proof of service after serving the documents?

Yes. Cal West will file all LA county proof of service with no extra charge, however there will be an additional charge for all other counties depending upon the location of the court.

Will you advance witness fees?

Yes, we will advance any witness fees for customers in good standing.

Research Questions

Can you guarantee to obtain my copies?

No, because we do not control the court file and have limited court access.

How do I get my copies once you have obtained them?

You have the choice of fax, mail or overnight delivery. Appropriate fees will apply.

How long does it take to obtain my copies?

It varies on each assignment, but we begin your assignment the same day we receive the request from your office.

How do you handle large copy assignments?

We request that you give us a page limit to order or copy. Sometimes we may request a not to exceed check for copies, given that some case files can have hundreds or thousands of pages.