Welcome to the Cal West software program.

Please watch the video and follow the main steps as listed below.

  1. Go to our website, calwest.info . To view the video guide, find the “How to generate work orders” section and click the Learn More button.
  2. Click on SIGN IN on Cal West website start page.
  3. Enter your USER ID (your email address) and PASSWORD (your first name – set as all lower case letters)
  4. Click on ORDER ONLINE menu option to create work orders
  5. Select JOB CATEGORY for proper form format and fill out the template.
    (Please note that County and Court drop down menu bars have a black arrow on the right side.)
  6. Upload the documents for filing or service and click on SUBMIT THIS ORDER.
    • After submitting the order, go to STATUS ONLINE, click on your work order number to view or print out the PDF work order form.
  7. When job has been completed you will receive an e-mail, indicating PROOF OF DELIVERYif a filing, or PROOF OF SERVICE if a service of process.
  8. To view conformed copies, go to STATUS ONLINE, see “Search” fields (under top menu bar), choose one option (work order #, case #, case name, subject name, client matter reference info ) and on the “Orders Within” drop down menu choose the No Limits option. When order is found, click on the blue link on the right side and the next screen will have PDF attachment links on the right side as indicated in blue. You may then view or print documents as scanned in.
  9. To inventory all work orders generated on a specific case, click on SEARCH button, put in the Case Number or Matter Reference # number ….on the “Orders Within” drop down menu, click on the No Limits option and all orders will come up for that case.

For assistance, call Cal West at (213) 353-9100, email to contact@calwest.info