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Who We Are

Cal West Attorney Services, Inc. is a registered and bonded process server company located in Los Angeles that specializes in process serving and court filing in Southern California and throughout the United States. By using Cal West Attorney Services, Inc. you can rely on the most experienced and proficient legal support staff available. We are small enough to give you personalized attention, yet we are amply staffed to accommodate your every need.

Whether you have an urgent service, an extensive project, or simply a question about jurisdiction, we will go that extra mile to make you happy.

Customer service is our number one priority.

Services We Offer

Below are the services our company offers.

Service of Process

Our expertise is unmatched in the process serving industry. All process is served by certified, registered and bonded process servers.

Writs & Levies

Cal West provides full-service handling of writs of attachment, writs of execution and Earnings Withholding Orders under the Enforcement of Judgments Act of 1983.

Court Service

We hand file and deliver curtsy copies to all courts that requires documents to be filed over
the counter and return conformed copies, with speed and accuracy.


Cal West is proud to be your vendor of choice for submitting documents electronically throughout California E-Filing court systems.


E-Record California documents through Cal West Client Portal for secure recording in California counties that accept e-Recording.

Skip Tracing

Cal West offers skip tracing services, utilizing various sources of information and data to locate an individual’s whereabouts.

Document Retrieval

Cal West can retrieve registers of action, search for specific pleadings, determine status of cases and calendar etc.

What Our Clients Say

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